What We Stand For:

Environmental Equity: Environmental issues affect us all, especially Brown and
Black communities in Illinois. Our commitment is to build resilience against climate
change and make sure everyone is protected against floods and other environmental

Inclusion, and Justice: There is no justice or progress without inclusion. Illinois is
home to some of the most diverse cities in the U.S. Our commitment is to include
people from diverse backgrounds to enrich our proposals and policies in favor of our

Diverse leadership: As the first Latina Commissioner at MWRD, I am especially
committed to representing those who have never had a voice or say in positions of
power and uplifting everyone. Diversity leadership opens the door to more diversity.

Good governance: Public positions require leaders who have the skills and team to
govern efficiently. There is no time to waste in public service. Our commitment is to
offer you my experience (+10 years of public service) and be a representative who is
always close to her people, listening to their needs and suggestions.

Transparency: Public officials owe themselves to their constituents and should
always be open to feedback. Our commitment is to have a transparent government,
and always be honest about our work and achievements.

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